A career in Makeup Artistry is a chance to showcase your creativity.  You will get paid to help people look fabulous and feel great about how they look. It’s very rewarding, the hours are flexible, the job is fun and top makeup artists earn a great deal of money for their services.

No matter who you work with your job is to help people look gorgeous. You touch lives with glamour and beauty. The smile on people’s faces says it all. When they look good they feel good and their confidence becomes such that they feel they can do anything they set their minds to.

If you’re looking for a fun, exciting, glamorous new career why not start a Makeup Artist Business. You can use your creative flair to help women look and feel beautiful. It will make you feel good too when you see their excitement at the look you just created for them.

The Book


Ingredients for Success as a Makeup Artist Business Owner

Do you have the qualifications that you need

Planning Your Business

Taking Care of Bits and Bobs: legal, Insurance, Money Tax

Creating a Winning Portfolio

The Makeup of Makeup Artists

Introduction to Health and Safety

Professional Services to Offer Your Clients: Mini Facials

Professional Services to Offer Your Clients: Makeup Application

Customer Care: Consultations and Keeping Records

Creating a Unique Identity for Your Business

Attracting Clients to Your Business


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anne perezAnne Perez, former international makeup artist and team leader with two cosmetic giants.

I am currently a writer, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur and am passionate about helping others simplify their lives, set up home based businesses and create an income doing what they love.

I have had the pleasure to have taught and mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs, professionals and business staff in makeup artistry, marketing, IT and entrepreneurial skills.

It’s great to be able to manage my own time. Yes I work hard but I also have time to travel, visit with friends and family, follow my hobbies and be generous to others.

However you want to live your life stop dreaming and take action. You can do it! If you want to contact me just drop me a line

Anne Elizabeth Perez

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